Bath In Wood

Manufacturing Capabilities

We Are Set Up for Rapid Response Manufacturing

Each order can be built to any dimension in any quantity. We have a range of hardwood species available: walnut, cherry, mahogany, teak, oak, ash or maple. You can have tubs with or without overflow, with the drain in the middle or at one end, centered or offset. We can even incorporate the internal architecture of the building itself as we did for an Onsen Hotel in Japan where every tub needed to be slightly different.

We create our custom tubs using a computerized numerical cutter to make each of the panels in any tub design exactly the right size, ensuring a perfect fit. Our craftsman-built tubs can therefore be assembled efficiently while ensuring the strength we’re so proud of.

Each is tub made in our US workshop.
Every variation is standard.

HD Expo Wooden Bathtub

We Can Build Tubs That Go Around Corners

We built ten Teak tubs for “The Address”, an Onsen hotel in Akkakura Japan. This was a remodel and every room presented slightly different challenges including some with boxed-in pipework. We built tubs shaped to go around the boxes so that the hotel could offer a full sized Teak tub in each de luxe bathroom.

A deluxe king address akakura wooden bathtub

Behind the Scenes