Bath In Wood

Design Inspiration

Design Inspiration

Wooden soaking tubs owe their heritage to the Eastern tradition of relaxation in harmony with surroundings. In the West this has come to be best understood in terms of “Personal Wellness”. An idea and a physical feeling of wellbeing which we can uniquely advance through the design of our tubs.

In Japan harmony is expressed by refined simplicity. The traditional bathing “Ofuro” is often a plain rectangle or square. But our design process is not tied only to the Asian aesthetic and we have developed designs that bridge the divide between Eastern and Western concepts of

Luxury, Physical Comfort and Beauty.
Fabulous wooden teak bathtub

Hardwoods are wonderfully diverse in their warmth, color, grain and figuring, especially when sealed with our own zero special maintenance DeepSeal Finish®. Embracing and enhancing the unique beauty of the wood itself is at the heart of our design focus. We offer a range of hardwoods from Maple or Ash at the blond end of the spectrum, through Oak, Cherry, Teak and Mahogany to Walnut at the dark end. For extra impact we can also mix hardwoods as decorative accents or fully integrate a mixture of woods as part of the construction. 

Where a hospitality brand requires its own “look”, we can even design a tub which will be unique to that brand.

We recently delivered 200 tubs for installation in Nobu, Cabo San Lucas where the tubs neatly match the fine architectural woodwork.

A wooden bathtub in an upscale bathroom next to shower
Picture courtesy of Nobu los Cabos
A plantation teach ofuro wooden bathtub
Beste wooden bathtub
Wooden Bathtub installed in industrial space