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Bath In Wood

We do only one thing and we do it superbly. We Custom Build Luxury Hardwood Bathtubs in quantity specifically for Hotels and Spas.

We build Unique and Spectacular bathtubs delivering the Luxury of Wellness, creating those warm memories that bring guests back for more.

Bath in Wood Hospitality tubs stand up to the challenges of the Hospitality Industry. They are very tough, easy to clean and slip resistant beyond ASTM standards. 

Simply put they’re Safe, Durable and Beautiful.
Wooden bathtub in a very large, upscale bathroom next to a large window
Picture courtesy of Nobu los Cabos

Every tub has our own satin matte DeepSeal Finish® meaning zero special maintenance and easy cleaning with regular housekeeping products.

While every tub adheres to our one high build standard, each one is also unique because unlike any other bathroom material, every piece of hardwood we choose puts on its own spectacular show.

Hoteliers, Architects and Designers and can be confident in our technical ability to make wood as reliable as any other bathroom material and our creative ability to design a visually stunning product, Made in the USA., in quantity, to budget, on schedule.

A wooden bathtub with water running in an upscale hotel room
Picture courtesy of Nobu los Cabos
Unique Bathtubs delivering warm memories that bring guests back for more.
• Made in the USA • In Quantity • To Budget • On Schedule